Insubordination is a simple Shoot Them Up. I had to do a game as a class project this year and this is it. Why "Insubordination though ?" you might ask, which is a good question, initially there was supposed to be a whole story (and even several levels) but reality and time limits made me prioritize other aspects of the game.

This is the version I will submit for my class but I'm probably still going to enhance this game afterwards (how much I don't know, but a little at least).

How to play


MOVE : WASD or Arrows / Left Joystick
SHOOT :   Left Click or Spacebar / A Button


Be careful while shooting your speed is greatly reduced.

If you shoot for too long your guns will overheat.

As long as you don't get hit the score multiplier goes up.

Survive 20 waves of ennemies and you will win, which will multiply your final score by 1.5.

The goal is to get the best score, good luck !


Design, Programming, Art & Music : Ashtrail

Font (Cave Story) : enigmansmp18

Space Background : n4

Made with

Game Engine : Unity

Art : Aseprite

Music : Bosca Ceoil

Sound Effects : Bfxr


Insubordination.7z 37 MB

Development log

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