Your Friendly Neighborhood Warlock

Because being the dark lord gets old (and you too)... well to be totally honest also because you kinda lost your memory in a tragic accident, ahem, you decided to change vocation and become a scroll craftsman instead.

The project is on github : but be warned it is dark and full of terrors.


If  you get stuck during the story or want to skip it for some reason you can press the "\" key (yes that a very weirdly specific key, I chose it so that people wouldn't press it by mistake).

The Game

So this is a puzzly kinda game I guess, also a bit like those flash cooking game were you have to make recipes fast. I hope you'll have fun playing it. Unfortunately as usual I left game design polish for last, so the game might be a bit unbalanced. I'd be happy to hear your feedbacks / suggestions.

If you're into high scores there is no best score management so you'll just have to note it somewhere or do screenshot. My personal best (take that with a grain of salt tho, I know all the combination but was also dead tired) is 295. You'll most probably need a few tries before you win in order to figure out the 'recipes'. They are supposed to be somewhat logical but you still might have a hard time, hopefully you won't struggle too much.

The game was made with :

  • Engine : Godot 3.1
  • Art : Clip Paint Studio (clearly not fit for game jams, jesus exporting separate layers is absolute hell)
  • Music : None sorry, didn't have time. Hope you'll forgive me, I did have time for some really fine voicecrafted sfx.
  • SFX : My voice and some Audacity effects.
  • Font : Storybook

Except for the font I did everything.

How to play

Customers will ask you for scrolls.

You have to combine elements to create scrolls (either two or three, it's written in the scroll name).

You can cancel the elements you chose if you made a mistake or submit it if you think it is the good combination

You have to guess the elements from the name of the scroll and complete enough requests to get 200 reputation points.

If you can't find the combination you can always reject the customer's request but you will lose some reputation.



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