Music done by Sheila Heady.

Font : Henney Penney by BrownFox

All the rest : myself (ashtrail)

How to play

The goal is to kill the boss. There are three stages and in between each you have to place two turrets. BUT these are enemy turrets, they make the game harder. The shield blocks your shots only, the turrets shoots bullet that hurt you and the warper screws up your speed. All of that is perfectly intended behavior :). You just get too chose what kind of pain you want to experience.

The game isn’t actually that hard once you figure out turrets combination and the way you’re supposed to play it. Good luck !


LD 41 : Two Incompatible Genres -> Bullet Hell + Tower Defense

(if you don't get the title it's a bad pun -> Manic Shooter + Tower Defense)

Basically a personal rendition of Touhou with the Tower Denfense-ich twist.


Made with : Unity3D + Rider, Aseprite, Chiptone (+ a tea bag rip to create this tasteful popcorn-like 'pop') and three days of mental breakdown

Install instructions

If is too slow to launch the game just download it, unzip it and launch index.html in your browser (just double click it) it should work on any OS as long as you got a decent browser.

You also have OS versions if you want crispier graphics. Browsers have a bit of a hard time with the weird resolutions I put them through.

Windows and Linux build untested.

As for install instructions, download the correct OS archive, unzip it, find the executable hidden somewhere in there (usually still pretty easy to find), launch it, battle with your local antivirus (if you trust me that is, the choice remains yours) and you're all set.


Manic Tower - 20 MB
Manic Tower - 20 MB
Manic Tower - 15 MB