Patch - Version 1.1

Fixed the game a bit since it was rushed due to the jam time limit.

Here are the changes :

  • Added a new font, Arial didn't feel very personal plus it didn't render well on WebGl.
  •  When the timer ran out you could still continue playing, this has been fixed.
  • Spawn rate have been tweaked, before a pickup would pop every 2 second, now they pop every 3 second, and if the number of goo carried + the number of goo saved + the sum of the values of the goo the screen is above the total you have to get they don't spawn. I'm thinking of stopping the spawning until all the pickups on screen have been eaten to force the player to explore the whole map but I'm not sure though.
  • The vortex were not much of an enemy and the game was easy to cheese without effort, they have been enhanced with the goal of making the game a bit more challenging and fun
    • The vortex malus was very weak : you would loose 5 gooballs and that's it, now you loose all the gooballs you were carrying and go back to spwan.
    • The vortex used to spawn late and the last ones couldn't even spawn because I reduced the total goo required to finish the game at one point and didn't change their spawning value acccordingly, they now spawn earlier than before (there is one from the start)
  • Added two screens
    • A disclaimer screen to warn this is not the original version
    • An intro to quickly explain how to play directly in game

I think that's about it !

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Dec 04, 2017 7 MB
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Dec 04, 2017

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